12v / 24v Rectangular Maypole Rear Combination Light Stop Tail Indicator Trailer Was W150 Mp8830b



This is a genuine WAS product.

W150 is a modern LED rear lamp with the unique shape of a position light, which makes both lamp recognisable and highly visible on the road. The LED position lamp modules are made of a special compound thanks to which the particular lightning points are not visible and it is only possible to see the shape and is pleasant to the eye glow with a neon-like effect. The lamp can be used in working voltage 12V and 24V. It is EC, EMC approved and it is also rated for IP 66/68.

These are probably the best-looking lamps available on the market.

Type LED Part No MP8830B Voltage 12v 24v Dimensions in mm Length 236 Width 104 Depth 40 Functions Stop Yes Tail Yes Indicator Yes Reverse No Fog No

Length Of Cable Supplied

2 meters