12v Labcraft Cool White Interior Courtesy Strip Light Lamp With Brackets Lbcledcw500pv3

LabCraft 12 Volt Interior Strip Light

includes 2 x plastic clips for mounting


Choice of lighting levels up to 2560 lumens; over 375 lux @ 0.5 metre

Quick and easy to install; choice of fixing methods

Low profile design – only 11mm

Waterproof to IP66

E-type approved

Interior Courtesy Lamp White Light Output.

120 Degrees Light Spread.

OVERALL SIZE 522mm X 25mm X 25mm

Choice of lighting levels & LED densities –

By using high output Cree LED technology the Orizon offers optimum performance and extended life. The properties of these LEDs give greater luminosity, allowing us to offer a brighter unit whilst using fewer LEDs to maintain low power draw.

Quick and easy to install –

The LED strip can be installed in a variety of ways from simply using an adhesive strip to fixing with Orizon mounting caps or clips. The new polycarbonate clips allow for an additional mounting position at 45 degrees to create an angled light source, and also allows for vertical mounting.

Low profile design –

At just 11mm deep and 18mm wide, the Orizon can be fitted in a multitude of applications without causing obstruction.

Waterproof to IP66 –

The PCB, components and LEDs are completely encased within a polycarbonate extrusion which protects against moisture ingress.