A127 Alternator Lucas Type Perkins Rover Jcb Massey Wood Auto Alt16067

NEW LUCAS TYPE A127 ALTERNATOR12V 70AALT16067111355WE HAVE THESE IN BOTH LEFT & RIGHT LET US KNOW WHEN YOU PURCHASE IF YOU WANT THE BRACKETS AS THEY ARE IN THE PICTURE OR THE OPPOSITE WAY ** If We Receive no message after purchase we will send it as it is in the picture *****PLEASE NOTE THESE ALTERNATORS DO NOT COME WITH FAN AND PULLEY*** Electrical specificationsVoltage 14Amp 70Terminal WPhysical specificationsD Bracket hole 8.30G Belt. adj. bracket hole M8B Width/holder arm 11.50E Belt. adj. brackethole pos. 50C Mount. bracket dist. 81.00H Pulley dia. 66.00A Pulley dist. 37.00i Grooves/pulley 1j Radius 86.60j Radius 2 82.25k B position M6-6.30n Rotation CRo Regulator plug PL22Q W plug type M5R Total length mm 163.50Further informationBlower EFPulley PRegulator type IRVac. pump w/o FITS A WIDE RANGE OF CARS, LIGHT COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURAL & PLANT MACHINERY MASSEY VALEO ROVER JCB FORD  ETC.CROSS REFERENCE BUTEC/PRESTOLITE 24242 DELCO/FORD 873F10300AA DELCO/FORD 873F10300BA DELCO/FORD 873FAA DELCO/FORD 873FBA DELCO/FORD D46446700 JCB 71426100 JCB 71440476 LANDROVER AMR3412 LANDROVER AMR3512 LANDROVER AMR4249 LANDROVER STC229 LUCAS 24157 LUCAS 24158 LUCAS 24158B LUCAS 24158D LUCAS 24161D LUCAS 24199 LUCAS 24209 LUCAS 24209A LUCAS 24209B LUCAS 24242 LUCAS 24242D LUCAS 24245 LUCAS 24291 LUCAS 24294A LUCAS 54022053D LUCAS 54022142D LUCAS 54022147 LUCAS 54022147A LUCAS 54022176 LUCAS 54022225B LUCAS 54022226A LUCAS 54022226B LUCAS 54022241B LUCAS 54022242A LUCAS 54022242B LUCAS 54022243 LUCAS 54022243A LUCAS 54022244 LUCAS 54022255 LUCAS 54022262 LUCAS 54022262A LUCAS 54022264 LUCAS 54022264A LUCAS 54022306 LUCAS 54022306A LUCAS 54022306B LUCAS 54022398 LUCAS 54022398B LUCAS 54022408A LUCAS 54022428 LUCAS 54022437 LUCAS 54022437A LUCAS 54022439 LUCAS 54022483 LUCAS 54022536 LUCAS 54022611 LUCAS 54022616 LUCAS 54022621 LUCAS LRA00460 LUCAS LRA00461 LUCAS LRA00532 LUCAS LRA00602 LUCAS LRA00958 LUCAS LRA460 LUCAS LRA461 LUCAS LRA532 LUCAS LRA602 LUCAS LRA958 LUCAS NAB101 LUCAS NAB201 LUCAS NAB412 LUCAS NAB415 LUCAS NAB417 MASSEY FERGUSON 3612670M91 PAL MAG 443113516731 PERKINS 185046360 PERKINS 2871A141 PERKINS 2871A148 PERKINS 2871A163 PERKINS 2871A63 ROVER ADU7777 ROVER ADU8880 ROVER ADU9548 ROVER ADU9670 ROVER ADU9750 ROVER ASU1693 ROVER AUD7090 ROVER GEU2109 ROVER GEU2115 ROVER GXU2115 ROVER RTC5845 ROVER YLE10035 ROVER YLE10065 ROVER YLE10067 ROVER YLE101570 ROVER YLE101580 VALEO 2929190 VALEO 9AR2919P LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 375LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 390LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 390 TLANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 398LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 399LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 4000 4245LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 4000 4255LANDBRUG New Holland 6600 6635LANDBRUG New Holland 7000 7635LANDBRUG Dronningborg 7800 7800LANDBRUG Dronningborg 8000 Series 8700 JUMBOLANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 350LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 355LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 360LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 365LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 3000 3680 7.4LANDBRUG Valtra 6000 Series 6300LANDBRUG Valtra 6000 Series 6400LANDBRUG Valtra 6000 Series 6600LANDBRUG Valtra 8000 Series 8000LANDBRUG Valtra 8000 Series 8100LANDBRUG Valtra 8000 Series 8300LANDBRUG Valtra 8000 Series 8400LANDBRUG Valtra 8000 Series 8600LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 3000 3645  LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 3000 3085LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 3000 3095LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 3000 3115LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 3000 3125LANDBRUG Massey Ferguson MF 300 362DIVERSE Universal Universal unit Universal unitPERSON EU Austin Montego Montego 2.0PERSON EU Austin Montego Montego 2.0 iPERSON EU Austin Montego Montego 2.0 i TurboPERSON EU Rover 800 827 2.7 Si XSPERSON EU Rover 800 820 2.0 i 16V XSPERSON EU Rover 800 825 2.7 SLi Vitesse Hatchback XSPERSON EU Rover 800 820 2.0 Si Hatchback XSPERSON EU Rover 800 820 2.0 Si XSPERSON EU Rover 800 827 2.7 Hatchback XSPERSON EU Rover 800 827 2.7 Si Sterling XSPERSON EU Rover 800 827 2.7 Si Hatchback XSPERSON EU Rover 800 827 2.7 24V CoupePERSON EU Rover 200 220 2.0 GTi HatchbackPERSON EU Rover 200 220 2.0 Turbo CoupePERSON EU Nissan Bluebird Bluebird 1.6 HatchbackPERSON EU MG Montego Montego 2.0 PERSON EU MG Montego Montego 2.0 TurboPERSON EU Rover 800 820 E 2.0 XSPERSON EU Rover Montego Montego 2.0 GTi Stationcar XE BE ADVISED BRACKETS ARE AS SEEN IN PICTURE** WE CAN ALSO SUPPLY YOU WITH THE OPPOSITE SIDE/HAND IF YOU CONTACT US

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