Dummy Load Resistor For Led Light Indicator Lamp 12 Volt 247 Lighting Ca6061

Genuine 247 LIGHTING 12 Volt Dummy Load Resistor or Load Ballast

For LED Indicator Lights/Lamps



12 Volt

50 Watt

Overall Size: 28 x 50 mm

Supplied with 2 x Scotch Locks

The Dummy Load Resistor is designed to be used on vehicles that have electronic components that are not LED compatible.

The use of an optional load resistor simulates the current draw used by a standard direction indicator bulb and enables the flasher unit to operate correctly.


Must be mounted on metal surfaces. The resistor can reach up to 170°C, do not mount the resistor on any surface that can melt by the heat of the resistor,

this includes plastics, hoses or painted surfaces.