Genuine 247 Lighting Led Amber Strobe Flashing Recovery Mini Master Magnetic Roof Bar Lightbar Reg65 Ca7635


Fully Magnetic Led Mini Master Roof Bar Lighting Bar

Rated Up to 70MPH



12-24 Volts 26 Watt Flashing | 60 Watt Non Flashing 20 LEDs (10 Pods x 2 LEDs ) Amber Lens Rated To IP66 Polycarbonate Lens ABS Base Material Magnetic Fixing Tough & Durable 10 Flashing Patterns 297*175*53mm Reverse Polarity Protection ECE Approved Reg 10 | Reg 65 (Single Flash) EMC Approved Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°

Further Information

12v LED Lighting bar

12v LED Light Bar

12v LED Lightbar

12v worklight

12v worklamp

24v LED Lighting bar

24v LED Light Bar

24v LED Lightbar

24v worklight

24v worklamp

12v work light

24v work light

12v light bar

24v light bar

Strobe Light

recovery light

roof lighting

roof light bar

Recovery bar

Light bar