Male Connector Socket For 9004 Hb9004 9007 Hb1 Hb5 Bulbs Mure Ter2017-S

SUITABLE FOR 9007 (HB5) & 9004 (HB1) BULBS

*wire connections are different depending on bulb so check image above for differences


Fits model:

9004 9007


Car 9004 9007 HID Bulb Socket Adapter for Osram daytime light,HID,Headlight bulbs, etc.

High-Quality Plastic with heat resistant.

Perfect for upgrading the stock harness for heavy light bulbs without worry about overloading or melting or retrofit project.

With this plug, you can convert your old headlight to new brighter 9004/9007 headlight.

Fit all cars and trucks


Package Included:

1pc of 9004 9007 Socket Plug Male

3pcs of connector pins